Air Break  Switches

The main advantages of the Air Break Switches are their fireproof as well as explosion proof construction. These allow for rapid disconnection and connection operation. These offer best outdoor functionality.

Dropout Fuse

Drop Out Fuses are the optimum protection devices, required to protect equipment and networks. These give protection from flows and overloads. These are accessible with network isolation points and allow for enhanced utility.

Lightning Arrester

The Lightning arresters are functional as the diverters that are used for telecommunication systems and electric power transmission systems. These are required to protect the system conductors and do away with the damage of lightning.

Porcelain Insulators

Porcelain insulators are highly suited for the electrical applications. These are suited for power distribution and transmission. Main task of these insulators is to segregate the distribution lines of electricity.

Polymer Insulators

Porcelain insulators are the versatile and safe to use devices, used for power transmission as well as power distribution. They do their task with absolute precision and accuracy.

Earthing Materials

Earthing materials we offer are utilized to protect the users from the electric shock. These are functional as the protective devices, which enable simple flow of the electric current and simplified use.

ACSR Conductors & Accessories

The ACSR Conductors & Accessories we deal in are made of multiple layers of aluminum wire. These are of high strength and are accessible with innovative design. These are provided with lightweight structures, distribution cables and transmission lines.

Aluminium Bolted Type Connectors

The Aluminium Bolted Type Connectors are useful for extra high voltage substations. These are useful for many electrical applications. Their usage is safe and rapid. These are of excellent conductivity and low resistance.


The Insulators work as the high-quality protectors of heat, passage of electricity and sound. These keep the surrounding warm and ensure the protection of electrical cables and soundproofing lodgings.


The Isolator are needed for isolating the circuit as well as equipment from the main power source. These allow for the isolation of the output and input of the devices.

Polymeric Arresters

Polymeric Arresters are needed to work against the dielectric breakdown. These are made to withstand the excess of applied voltage. These diver the lightening and protect electrical units.

Transmission Line Hardware

Transmission Line hardware we deal in have a critical role in the distribution and transmission of electricity. They can be used over long distance and can transfer the electrical power to several locations.

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